Saturday, March 23, 2013

Crystal Cymbalogy Gig 3-22-13

Played a gig with the Cymbalogy group in Fairfield, CT last night. We were at the Yoga For Everybody annex - a new place for me, very close to the original Y.F.E. (and one maybe in need of better stage lighting ;-)

This group is very interesting. I have played maybe a dozen gigs with them over a couple of years. We  play in Yoga studios in Connecticut. People zone out, listen, meditate, or maybe all three.  Everything is essentially totally improvised - ambient landscapes broken up by deep grooves.

The group is Rick and Cyn Quintanal on (huge) singing bowls/various percussion and chanting/singing. The project is their baby.  John Marshall is back there killing it on many different pieces of exotic percussion. Dave Anderson is often on the gig as well, on electric bass.

I originally would just bring the shakuhachi, but that has evolved into me bringing other things. If Dave is not there I will bring a bass - a couple of times the upright, but last night was the second time I brought the Jaco fretless jazz bass I got in 2011. I started bringing the silver flute as well and last night for the first time, the nylon string guitar. It is a lot to juggle and I am still working out the best way to patch everything through the effects. Lot of fun and a huge challenge to play this gig.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sept. 11, 2002

Just about to go down to the gig on the Bateaux for what will be yet another year sailing by Ground Zero on the anniversary of the attacks.

I have my photos from the day of in storage.

I rode my bike all the way down there with my pre-digital, limited number of shots, film camera.

Got to Wall St.

The Statue of George Washington in front of the first Capital of the land had a coat of ash on him.
I was out of film.

Got to Maiden Ln. between Nassau and Broadway - 3 blocks due east of the disaster.
I looked up at the billowing smoke and was aghast.

Ash and random office paper strewn about 6 inches high, everywhere in a post apocalyptic hell the likes of which I'd obviously never seen.

It was 1:30pm Sep. 11, 2001.

I rode home.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Just want to quickly get this down, because things happen, I DON'T write them down and time passes. I have just a few minutes left before Babcia Ela gets back with baby from their morning walk and then time is truly at a premium. More on that later. (I love that little peanut more than I have words to say).

Last night on the way home from the gig I stopped at Fairway - great grocery store @ 130th under the West Side Highway. I usually have about 10 minutes to micro shop before they close at 11.

So I did my thing, and left the store. I happened to notice a random bicyclist going north on the greenway which passes right by Fairway, and which could have been me on so many nights before, right around this exact time - 7 minutes after 11. Not so much these days b/c Monika and I do the baby handoff around 5:15 and I have to hustle down to my gig. Latest I can leave on the bike is 5:05, 5:10.

Anyway, when I came out to the van to drive home I heard an EXTREMELY loud motorcycle blast by on the highway above. Fairway sits down in this little area right next to the Hudson River and also a huge water treatment plant. They elevated the roadway to avoid all of this.

The decibel level of the motorcycle actually kind of startled me - and I'm not unaccustomed to loud noises in that parking lot. The Metro-North Harlem River Line runs right through on yet another, lower trackway and there is a train around 11 that whooshes through.

So I get going and in about 2 minutes I'm on the on ramp to get on the WSH. Should be smooth sailing at this hour, but there are brake lights - alot of them. Can't tell if the problem is in the left or right or center lane as cars jockey for position to be in the lane that moves.

I take the right lane and up about 50 yards I see a ghastly sight. There, in the center lane, is a mod-bike, kind of a three wheeled motorcycle with a yellow shell and roll casing for the driver, all banged up and broken. Clearly this was the bike I heard moments before. And no emergency crews on the scene yet either. I passed just in time to overhear a motorist who had stopped say to another, "Someone HAD to have died, it was just TOO fast."

But when I got up to the wreck itself... no driver. An empty, broken, quiet, still shell. So it begged the question: I looked around for a body, nothing. Traffic was moving southbound fine. Past the wreck, northbound, fine. This part of the roadway is right next to the plant and on about an 80 foot elevated surface.

It hit me that the dude in all likely-hood must have been ejected right over the side and down to the bikeway below. !! Grisly.
You see these guys using the WSH as their personal motorcycle speedway and you know it MUST happen, but that was timing.
That original guy I saw on the bike very likely encountered the poor dude. Could even have fallen on the path itself. The path I take home many nights. Whoa. Just awful.

I passed the scene and went home, NY story #1,XXX,XXX,XXX,XXX,XXX,XXX,XXX,XXX.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

12 Weeks of Life

Maya: July 14

This little girl has been an Overwhelming Joy.
She has stolen all our hearts.
She is a great little baby.

12 weeks has blown by: hanging out with Baby and Baby Mama by day, working almost every night on the boat. Sleep deprived to be sure, but exhilarated by this new little person every day. Every day brings some new development and growth.

Monika's maternity leave ends with this 12 week milestone as well. This means Daddy Day Care (with some help from In-Law family thrown in) now begins. Wow.
But I know that this whole period will come and go so quickly - I am just trying to enjoy the individual moments of it.

I will say that this morning, about 5:30 when I checked on her, she was awake and when she saw me, she gave me the biggest toothless grin you've ever seen. And the feeling of joy was very mutual.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello everybody.
Long time no post!
Hope your day is fine.
Nice day in New York.
Playing the Bateaux gig tonight.
Last night the saxophonist Don Braden was onboard. He had some nice things to say to us after the gig. Nice cat.
Clean that plate now!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Vid

Had the honor of playing on Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin's Master's recital on Sunday night at Tenri here in NY. He is my teacher's teacher and a fabulous player in his own right.

I played a piece called "Yugure no Kyoku". A very old Honkyoku piece unique to the Kinko school.

View Here.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oaf of Office

Way to go, Roberts.